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Illinois Vein Specialist Patient Reviews


I started getting both unsightly varicose veins and spider veins at a very early age. By the time I reached middle age my legs often were heavy feeling and at times felt very hot and painful particularly where the varicose veins were located. I never knew that treatment was available to me, that would be covered by my insurance and make such a difference in the way my legs feel. I always thought that treatment was simply cosmetic but after a visit to Illinois Vein Specialists I found out that visual improvements are just half of the story. Dr. Rivard and his entire staff are true professionals that truly care about making a difference in your life from both a health and aesthetic view. Dr. Rivard takes the time to explain what he is doing and why and how it will benefit you. The procedures are simple and relatively painless. If you follow the simple guidelines the differences are amazing. Now I'm 66 and I don't think my legs have felt or looked this good in decades! Thank you Dr. Rivard, Nurse Julie, Gita, and the entire staff.

- J.L. age 66J.L. Age 66


I have dealt with my left leg problems for many years. They had become progressively worse. While golfing with my friend Sandi Kramer, who is an assistant at Illinois Vein Specialists, she noticed the swelling, blackened area, varicose veins and the draining/bleeding ulcer. She convinced (nagged) me to make an appointment with Dr. Rivard. When I first met him I was impressed with his obvioius care for his patients. He thoroughly explained everything that would need to be done to improve my condition. He explained that due to the severe state that my leg was in, it would take a lot of hard work to improve it. Since beginning my treatment I have experienced a great deal of improvement. I no longer have the black area. The ulcer has closed and I no longer have draining or bleeding. Best of all, my constant pain is gone! My children and friends are amazed by how much better the leg looks. I can't thank Dr. Rivard enough for how much he's helped me. I also want to take time to thank his staff. Every person that I've dealt with with in the office is friendly and professional. They all seem to genuinely enjoy what they do. Thank you all!

- J.G. age 59J.G. age 59




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As a young woman in the 1960's, I tended to take after my dad in stature. Dad was a tall fellow, a little over six foot and I followed in his footsteps at 5 ft 8in. We were both long legged but mine of course were a lot prettier. Growing up in Arizona, shorts were the uniform of the day. I began to notice that my father's legs had large veins appearing to twist up his legs. I asked if they ever hurt, but being the gentleman as he was, he'd answer that all was fine, as he pulled up the footstool to rest his legs and read the evening newspaper. As the years passed, by 2004, I too started to notice the veins on my legs grow a little larger and a little more crooked, with tiny blue veins around my ankles that tended to swell at times. In 2007 I mentioned to my Primary Care Doctor that I felt a hardened area on the surface vein on my left leg below the knee. My doctor scheduled an Ultra Sound for both legs. The report indicated Phlebitis and Thrombophlebitis of superficial vessels of lower extremities. My Doctor told me that varicose veins were hereditary. Advil or Aspirin seemed to help when needed. By 2013 a large varicose vein in my right leg began to hurt just above the knee. The area felt hard, tenderness extended further down the vein and my leg swelled. The vein was no longer visible. My Primary Care Doctor recommended a Doctor for me to see whose specialty was the diagnoses and treatment of vein disease, Doctor Stephen Rivard. Beginning in May of 2013 my husband and I had the first visit with Dr. Rivard. Together, we discussed the history of my problem legs. Dr. Rivard then explained the reasons for these problems and what procedures and treatments could be done that would return my legs to a healthy condition once again. It is now May 2014 and I have completed my procedures and treatments. Dr. Rivard and his Staff were so kind and able to put me at ease if there was to be some discomfort. I will have my one-year follow-up with Dr. Rivard. I will have celebrated my seventy-second birthday on May 6th and of course, my legs feel a lot better and much prettier once again.

- R.B. age 72R.B. age 72


This letter is not just about me but about any one of us that have vein disease and don’t even know it or realize its severity. I am a 50 + female, had 3 children and knew I had varicose veins. I have been an active parent with the children growing up and always put their needs first. Does this sound familiar? After many years I noticed that I needed to put my feet up after a long day. It was then that I realized I couldn’t keep my legs still because I had pain in my legs. So I would take some pain medication and maybe take it a little easier the next day. It always felt better when you stayed off your feet. It wasn’t until I was enjoying myself with my now grown family, standing at a crowded celebration, that I Just couldn’t stand any longer. My legs hurt so incredibly bad that I knew then I needed to seek medical attention. After talking with my primary care doctor, he recommended Dr. Rivard. So I got home and looked up our insurance and yes we would be covered. I was really looking forward to my initial appointment, at the same time though I felt funny doing something for myself. I never do something for me. So there I was talking myself into why I needed to go. The morning of my first appointment, I was talking with my husband, just being energetic about going and thrilled that the insurance would cover a large portion and ready to get the legs feeling better again. I would have loved to see a before and after picture of my face that day because as I was talking with Dr. Rivard I realized then how bad my legs were. He said “The bad news is your legs are heavily damaged but the good news is I can help you”. I will never forget those words! I got home from the appointment telling my husband I had no idea how serious vein disease is. I thought vein disease was just some unsightly veins but let me tell you it’s a whole lot more. My husband came with me for the first treatment and he was surprised as well after talking with Dr. Rivard. My treatment is not quite finished yet but I will tell you it was the best thing I ever did! My legs feel so much better and look amazingly better. It has been a very exciting experience, something I would highly recommend. Don’t wait and take any health risks. It’s a wonderful journey and the staff at Illinois Vein Specialists is all very professional and caring people. They make you feel comfortable and part of their family.

- S.T. age 55S.T. age 55

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