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To the incredible staff here at Illinois Vein Specialists, caring for patients with vein disease isn’t just about medicine, it’s about community.

Our office is a second home to our team and a place of comfort for our patients. We take immense pride knowing that we are constantly improving the lives of those affected by vein disease through compassionate, thoughtful, and truly excellent health care. We welcome those interested in seeking treatment to stop by and experience the environment we have created first-hand!

Our staff members' favorite things about working at IVS:

"Kindness is where our care should begin" - Dr. Rivard

“When I come to work, it doesn’t feel like work.” - Samantha

“Working with Dr. Rivard and with staff who truly care for our patients.” - Keri



Illinois Vein Institute

“I love our wonderful staff and meeting new people every day”     - Joann

"Our patients are kind and appreciate all we do for them. It's very rewarding." - JJ

“Our collaborative team approach and positive patient outcomes!” - Julie

"Our work flow is on point. Teamwork! Our office runs so smoothly.” - Vanessa

“Being able to see change in patients conditions and watching their progress.” - Sandi



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